"By logic and reason
we die hourly,
by imagination we live."

-- Jonathan Butler Yeats


Many of our company and indeed, individual "Visions" for the future will be found here, hopefully as sources of both knowledge and inspiration. We will largely focus on the Space-scalable©(1) investor strategy, as we believe that is the key to long-term space settlement.

Where it all began: "A Vision For Space Investment" first presented by Thomas Andrew Olson at the 59th International Astronautical Congress, Glasgow, 2008
      (1) Space-scalable¬©: Technologies primarily developed to solve problems here on Earth for commercial benefit and profit, but are also scalable to solve key long range space problems when the demand ultimately exists, to help make the settlement of the space frontier a reality. This could include biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, radiation mitigation, smart materials, alternative energy, or next-gen IT hardware, among many other possibilities.