"It is virtually an ironclad rule that existing enterprises project increasing capabilities linearly."

-- Steve Jurvetson

  On this page we offer information of interest to investors - particularly in the Space, Space-related or Space-scalable©(1) realms. Some were published by us, others by third parties. We hope you find these items valuable.  
NewSpace Nation, v.2
– Jeff Krukin
2012 Aerospace & Defense Market Survey
CSC/Aviation Week
Aerospace Economy in NC
– Krukin, et al
Piedmont Triad Economic Development Partnership (Excerpts)
(These latter two documents provide examples of how Exodus Consulting Group educated business leaders and economic development officials about the business opportunities that the NewSpace industry creates for non-space industry clusters.)
      (1) Space-scalable©: Technologies primarily developed to solve problems here on Earth for commercial benefit and profit, but are also scalable to solve key long range space problems when the demand ultimately exists, to help make the settlement of the space frontier a reality. This could include biotechnology, nanotechnology, medicine, radiation mitigation, smart materials, alternative energy, or next-gen IT hardware, among many other possibilities.