The Mission: "Vision Capital"...
Creativity, Inclusion, and Empowerment

The founders and partners of Colony Fund LLC are working to create innovative, out-of-the-box investment structures to build true private space commerce for the 21st century. These structures would be well-positioned to take advantage of opportunities offered by present technology trends in rocketry, communications, nanotechnology, biotechnology, entertainment, and alternative energy. The goal would be to provide a solid fiscal foundation for investment in emerging space and space-realted commercial enterprises, to establish a foothold in what is projected to be among the preeminent market sectors of the 21st century.

It is our belief that a "mixed" investment strategy over a longer time frame than "typical" tech sector holdings, for example, will better provide long-term stability, and mitigate risks and the effects of short-term market volatility.

These strategies are intended to be an opportunity for long-term return to "aware" investors; men and women who share a passion for space exploration, but have also carried a sense of frustration over the lack of vision and inconsistent funding levels that have plagued many space initiatives since humans first walked on the Moon. A working combination of cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships could now dramatically demonstrate that the word "Space" need not be associated only with underperforming government programs, but a rewarding place to do business.

The "Baby-boom" generation in particular often expresses a belief that the promise of the Apollo era has been abandoned. Our goal in these efforts is to provide a means of reclaiming their birthright as the first generation of interplanetary humans - a goal that seemed so tantalizingly close at hand more than thirty years ago. It has also been shown in recent polls that even people too young to remember Apollo are nevertheless attracted by settlement of the new frontier and by the prospect of participating in its nearly limitless possibilities.

Historically, the challenges of a new frontier have always rewarded commerce. Leaders of the communications satellite industry have known this for decades; but now it is time reach outward for even greater rewards. The Colony Fund LLC team is working to create the next logical step in that process, helping lift the marketplace into the heavens.

We invite you to express your opinions and ideas as we go forward.


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