Investment Opportunities:
"Space Tourism" is only the tip of
the iceberg

The core vision of our initiative is to, one day, enable the average person to invest in the private commercial space infrastructure of the 21st century. However, we also must remain grounded in the realities of today’s financial markets and should always focus on taking practical and realistic incremental steps. Therefore, when an offering of this kind finally becomes available, we believe in principle it must strike a careful balance between being "ambitious" and "doable".

Having said that, what sorts of investment opportunities are available right now in private space enterprise, and what may develop tomorrow? We believe, again in principle, that one should look for companies developing and/or producing products, technologies, or services that have space applications today and/or in the future. These companies may be focused on their current terrestrial markets but are positioning to expanding into the space arena. These companies will have potential for growth in today’s environment as well as tomorrow’s. Such companies may be involved in engineering, consulting, or research. They may be component, tool, satellite, and vehicle manufactures and/or integrators. Future companies may offer space insurance, computer hardware, software, improved communications technology, or adventure travel. Institutional investors can look to technology development "missions", where it is at least a partial owner of the patents or intellectual property rights. Some companies may sell space memorabilia, entertainment, and or education.

Here are just a few examples of the types of business opportunities of potential investment interest:

Engineering and Research
Space Component Manufactures
Traditional Aerospace Manufactures
Next-generation Data Storage
Satellite and Vehicle Integrators
Adventure Travel
Patents and Intellectual Property Rights
Space Memorabilia
Entertainment (Film, TV, PC-Games)
Medicine and Pharmaceuticals
Mining and Construction Technology
Spaceport Support Services




* Reusable Launch Vehicles


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