Some Links of Interest

AdAstra Online

New NSS opinion column site, hosted by

Armadillo Aerospace

Builder of computer controlled hydrogen peroxide fueled engines.

AstroVision Australia

This firm intends, by 2007, to provide customers with "the first continous live color coverage of the Earth in history", i.e., real-time imagery of a wide range of events, including local weather, bushfire detection and tracking, shipping and air traffic - all live -using a patented approach and low-risk space-qualifed hardware derived from systems originally developed and flown for NASA.


A great new concept - everything you need to build your own space system in one "virtual exhibit hall".

Berinstein Research

Check out Paula's great new book, "Making Space Happen". The Colony Fund is profiled in Chapter 7.

Canadian Arrow

An X-Prize contender, successfully completed a main-engine test in 11/03.

High Altitude Research Corporation (HARC)

A new X-Prize entry - the Liberator.


Clark Lindsay's space news site.


Developing robotic lunar exploration with an interactive link. Sponsorship opportunities available.

Orbital Recovery

Developing robotic devices capable of rescuing and extending the useful life of satellites, founded by Walt Anderson and Dennis Wingo


The "Citizen's Space Lobby". They host the annual "March Storm" event in D.C.

Scaled Composites

Builder of "Space Ship One", an X-Prize contender, and the first privately-financed vessel to reach space, on June 21st, 2004.


A competitive, heavy-lift launch company, using Zenit-class technology.


Developing lower cost space mission hardware, founded by Jim Benson.

An informative space news site

Space Frontier Foundation

Dedicated to opening the space frontier to all humanity within our lifetimes


Private developer of space habitation resources for NASA/Shuttle/ISS

The Space Settlement Initiative

A new plan to "legalize" property ownership in the Solar System - a plan that could lead to investment dollars moving skyward.

Space Transportation Association

They seem to try to be everywhere for everybody - but this is NOT a bad thing! The private space industry needs to address issues raised in the STA's charter., and they are there to act as a sort of clearinghouse.

Space transportation industry links

Takes you to another page, chock full of independent efforts all over the world.

The Artemis Project

The first privately-funded lunar settlement.

The da Vinci Project

An x-prize contender from Canada, who claim over 100,000 volunteer manhours in technology development to date.

The Mars Society

Dedicated to getting humans to Mars in our lifetimes.

The Moon Society

Dedicated to a return to Luna - this time, for good.

"The Rocket Guy" - Brian Walker

A Bend, OR-based inventor and entrepreneur, who is building his own sub-orbital rocket craft.

A comprehensive space news site.

A great space news site, run by Simon Mansfield.

A NASA/ESA-centric space news site

The Space Review

Weekly commentary on space flight, exploration, settlement, and commercialization

The Space Show

Join Dr. David Livingston each week for exciting interviews with some of the most interesting names in the space field. Can be picked up on streaming audio at


Builders of the Falcon I and Falcon V boosters, scheduled for launch in 2005


A new concept in space structures - inflatable habitats for ISS, the Moon, and Mars.


"The First Commercial Venture to the Moon"

XCor Aerospace

Building reliable, reusable rocket engines, and a private sub-orbital rocketplane for passenger flights.

The X-Prize

A $10MM competition for a private sub-orbital manned vehicle.


Some Space Company Links
(more will follow!)

Space Imaging
Analytical Graphics
Space Adventures
Malin Space Science Systems
Astron Wireless Technologies
Pioneer Astronautics
Aero Astro
Spectrum Astro
Lockheed Martin
Northrop Grumman


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